How To Master Time Management – ADHD Skills part 1

by Dr Tracey Marks.

When it comes to non-medication ways to manage your ADHD symptoms, we can break it down into three domains: time management, organization and planning. People with ADHD typically have trouble estimating how long things will take and adjusting their schedules accordingly. As a result you may be frequently late to things or this can even affect your ability to finish things because you don’t take into account how long it should take. With ADHD, the loss of time is a cumulative effect. Step one to master this time management skill is to have constant access to timepieces.

Start by getting a watch and having an adequate number of clocks visible to you in areas where you spend time. Then create your time log using your watch and your clocks. That may take you several days to do. And start with the big things you do like getting ready for work, chores, eating dinner, getting ready for bed. This list can also include things that you do at work so you can have a better understanding of how you use your time at work.

This it’s to help you appreciate Time. Lastly you get a daily and a weekly or monthly planner. You’re going to use the daily planner to track your appointments, obligations and to do list. And you’re going to consult the planner twice a day.

In the morning to appreciate the scope of your day and in the evening to reflect on how your day transpired and review what you’ve got going on tomorrow. It also gives you a chance to reschedule things you didn’t complete.


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