3 Easy Steps for ADHD Organization | ADHD Skills Part 3

Dr. Tracey Marks

Disorganization causes a lot of frustration and wasted time looking for things. And it can frustrate the people around you. Here are 3 steps to keep up with your stuff – Place, Retrieve and Return.
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The starting point for organization is making a place for everything. Even small things have a designated place. This can be a drawer for your pens, a container for your mail and a hook for your keys.

When you have organizational problems, the tendency is to want to keep things within reach. So you may have a lot of clutter lying about, but you feel you need it to look like that so you can keep up with things. Well when you are assigning your places, you do want to have the things you use most often in the most convenient place or within easy view. But the placement of things needs to be a little more intentional.

Once you decide where things should go, you have to commit to putting them back in their place right after you use them. So when you need something, you go retrieve it from it’s place, then you immediately return it when you’re done.

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