Bernadette Ashton

Bernadette Ashton is a Certified ADHD Life Coach and an ICF Associate Certified Coach.
Her passion is working with adults who have been newly diagnosed with ADHD or are seeking a diagnosis of ADHD.

It is Bernadette’s nature to be intuitive, curious, approachable, she uses creativity, observation, and accountability as a coach. She provides a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can explore, express, and understand your ADHD and any co-occurring conditions.

With decades of experience managing ADHD and having a child who is now an adult with ADHD, she has an invaluable perspective. Bernadette is also neurodiverse, with many family members having ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia.

Bernadette has gained a wealth of ADHD experience as a coach, facilitator of an ADHD support group, and trustee for a national ADHD charity. She has also served as a topic expert on ADHD for the NICE guideline’s updates.

Bernadette would appreciate the opportunity to help you to take the steps you need to achieve what you want in you future.



Important: Please note that Bernadette Ashton works alongside our team and is independent of ADHD Clinics. Although we have every confidence in her abilities and skills however, once we refer you to her, we are not responsible for the care and service she provides.